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Bed Bug Prep:

Mattress: We will assess your location and let you know if your mattress looks able for repair, or if it needs to be removed. If after our assesment you intend to keep the mattress it must be propped against the wall for treatment. You need to get a bed bug cover for the bed in order to better assure qaulity of service.


All curtains, clothing articles, pictures, and items on the walls need to be removed. Curtains and all items of fabric in the room that are able to be washed should be taken to the laundry mat and cleaned and then bagged. The water is not what kills them, it is the heat from the dryer.  Books & other belongings need to be bagged.


Bed bugs are notorious for hiding in receptacles (electrical sockets), therefore, be sure to unplug all electronic devices in rooms being treated for bed bug removal.

Items of food need to be removed from the room (cereal boxes etc).


“Vacuum twice!”

Double vacuum from top to bottom, your entire bed, mattress, box spring and bed frame. It can’t be emphasized enough: mattresses and box spring frames should be vacuumed twice with the bristled vacuum attachment, especially around the tufts and seams. Also inspect for blood stains and bed bug harborage locations. On the box spring, look for holes and leaks, pull back the cloth on the bottom of the box spring, and inspection and vacuum in there. I know this all sounds so exhausting, but it will be significantly more exhausting if you don’t do an extremely thorough bed bug preparation. Everything you do helps to increase the probability of bed bug treatment success. This will prepare these items for the Bed Bug Exterminator, who will be doing a comprehensive treatment of these items.


Outside the Room Infested with Bed Bugs

1. Vacuum outside of the infestation rooms along the perimeter of the rooms with a strong attachment that has bristles to help loosen any possible attached eggs or “dug in” bed bugs. Vacuum hallways, kitchen, living room, bathroom, closets etc.

2. Leave no perimeter un-vacuumed. To help remove debris, hopefully suck up any loose eggs or bed bugs, and make those areas ready for full bed bug treatment as described, and be sure when you are done vacuuming, to seal those vacuum bags not just once, but twice, in heavy black plastic bags. Make sure bags are sealed well. Tie them up and use a good contractor, or duct tape, if necessary. You don’t want any bed bugs sneaking out of the trash, and returning to infect you, or even your neighbors. If they don’t re-infect you, but infect your neighbors instead, they will surely come after you next! Bed bugs reproduce at explosive rates, in mathematical terms their numbers grow geometrically or exponentially.


“Do you own a scrub brush?”

A good, tough, bristled brush tip is important. A dab of warm water on the end of the bristles (if it won’t damage your furniture) can sometimes help to loosen things, such as tiny bed bug eggs which are attached to furniture and beds with natural bed bug “goo” (They are almost impossible to see without a magnifying glass). The more detail-oriented you are, the better prepared you make your home for our Professional Bed Bug Exterminator, the better the chance for success!


“Seal Your Bed! Stop Bed Bugs from Climbing Up or Down with Double-Sided Tape.”

In the aftermath of our detailed Bed Bug Extermination, it is absolutely essential to seal your mattress, box spring and pillows in special covers. We can order these items for you. Also, as a precautionary measure, you should purchase some double-sided tape, and wrap the legs of your bed, sofa, loveseat, or any other major piece of furniture that has legs, with it (only, of course, if the tape won’t ruin your furniture). This provides an excellent detection method and prevents them from climbing up and reaching you or infecting you in future.

Bed bugs Love beds and upholstered furniture! These are typically the “hot spots” typically for them, therefore, keep a close eye on these pieces.


Be prepared to follow-up with Professional Bed Bug Pest Control Exterminations. Usually more than one treatment is necessary, because bed bugs are ruthless, and sometimes extremely difficult to contain and kill. A second treatment is sometimes necessary at a later date of your convenience.




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