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We offer flea, bird & bird mite removal services for both residential and commercial!


We also know certain times, such as a move out or a vacation rental call for quick care.


Do you manage a property? We are more than happy to be your go to pest control company!

Bird & Bird Mite Services

Are you noticing you have a large bird population on your residence or place of business? We are more than happy to help with that, we offer bird removal services, which includes bird spikes, netting, we replace birdhole covers, we also use bird repellents. Please request a free estimate for this service at (808) 260-7889.


Bird Mites: Along with birds comes mites, you might be noticing you're being bitten by something. Did you notice a bird's nest on your property recently? It's possible you have bird mites, we do need a sample to provide a treatment for this service. This can be done simply by catching whatever is biting you on a piece of tape. Call us we will come and get it from you to take to specialist for analyzation. Once the sample has been verifed we can perform the services needed! Services start at $130.00 but can go up depending upons size of the location. This price does not include removal of the bird, or bird nest. Please contact us for an estimate if you still have the nest and active bird issue.  

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