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We offer honey bee removal services for both residential and commercial!


We also know certain times, such as a move out or a vacation rental call for quick care.


Do you manage a property? We are more than happy to be your go to pest control company!

Honey Bee Removal Services

Did you know we are the only pest control company on the island that is licensed, certified and insured for live honey bee removal? Our passion is rescuing the honey bee and rehoming them right here on Oahu. We pollinate many locations of the island and our proud pollinators of Aloun Farms.


Honey Bee Rescue: This is our absolute favorite, do you notice a hive dangling from a tree branch, or in a pretty simple location but you're not going anywhere near them? That's okay call us, we are more than happy to offer you a free and friendly estimate! WARNING - PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY THE BEES, IF YOU HAVE WE CANNOT RESCUE THEM! For more educational information please visit our sister company!





Honey Bee Extermination Service: This is not our preferred method, but sometimes it's a must. We understand how precious our homes are, and sometimes honey bees make themselves unwanted guests inside of our walls, fences, rockwalls, and more. A rescue is possible when honey bees get inside of a structure, but that does require us to cut out whatever material they are housed in. This is not always the best news to clients, and they would prefer the bee's gone! We can gas them, and this service starts at $150.00 and can go up depending upon the size of hive, level of difficulty to access and other circumstances. We do offer free estimates for this service, and are more than happy to come out free of  charge to evalute your situation and let you know what needs to be done for a safe removal of your hive.

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