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We offer rodent control services for both residential and commercial!


We also know certain times, such as a move out or a vacation rental call for quick care.


Do you manage a property? We are more than happy to be your go to pest control company!

Rodent Control Services

We offer two rodent control removal services:


Preventative Control:


You may have noticed small discrete boxes outside of

commercial buildings, or even your neighbors!

This is a tiny black box meant for housing

bait. It does not actually trap the rodent!

This box is tamper proof, and will not

harm you, your pets or your children.

This typically takes up to 10 days for the rodent to pass after

digesting the bait.



Immediate Trapping & Retrieving Services:

Did you just hear something in the attic? Did you notice droppings?

A little extra activity around the office? You are in need of immediate trapping and retrieving.  This service consists of one of our locally trained technicians coming to your location and placing an assortment

of traps that they see best needed.  What traps do we bring?  Glue boards, T-Rex, Snap Traps, Live Mechanical Traps. This service includes three visits, your first visit is the evaluation and setup. The two remaining visits are your follow up visits, and consist you  giving us a call,

and we will come out and remove the dead rodent(s) and replace the trap(s) with a new one.




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